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● Charge for adding URL: 420 euros TTC (350 euros HT, VAT 20%)
Your registration is available as perpetual which means you make a single purchase and aren't locked into an ongoing subscription
Volum discount for multiple registered websites
● Prices and terms are subject to change
Frequency of hits
● Manual registration performed after visiting the submitted website, on the condition that your website fills the criteria below.

Condition :
● Websites under construction or maintenance are refused

How to proceed ?
● Send the address of your website to Marc Casali - eventeuro
● In response, if your website is accepted you'll receive a quote
● Upon reception of your payment you'll receive by e-mail the inscription of your website in the directory "" and an invoice.

Payment by international bank transfer or
by cheque made out to:

Marc Casali
84 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine
75012 Paris

● Payment with PayPal

For further information:
Marc Casali - eventeuro
84 rue du faubourg Saint Antoine
75012 Paris
My office hours are:
Mondays through Saturdays
From 10.30 AM to 20.00 PM - Paris, France local time