Asia Event Planners Network / 亚太区展会组织者联盟 / アジアイベントプランナーズ・ネットワーク

Asia Event Planners Network invites event & meeting planners and event industry professionals in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand to:

- exchange information about networking events & professional development
- discuss local event industry trends
- request referrals for local services & suppliers except venues

Meeting and Event planners who have worked in Asia or who are of Chinese, Japanese, & Asian heritage are welcome. #linkeventsasia

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On the radar

Qinhuangdao's aranya art center - China

A hybrid typology which combined design, art and performance.

A new iconic museum for Turkey

The Odunpazari Modern Museum (OMM) has just opened in Eskisehir, Turkey.

2019 Audubon Photography Awards

Kathrin Swoboda snapped this red-winged blackbird blowing out what look like smoke rings that are formed by the warm, condensed breath of the bird as it sings.