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Foyer: 420m2, 400 pers.
Maduro room: 250 m2, 300 pers.
Boon van der Starp room: 160 m2, 170 pers.
Niew Amsterdam: 128 m2, 50 pers.
Exhibition room: 156 m2, 60 pers.
Panorama café: 110 m2, 90 pers.
Taste of Holland: 250 m2, 250 pers.
Court of the Netherland: 64 m2, 14 pers.
Orange and blue room: 65 m2, 25 pers.

George Maduroplein 1
2584 RZ The Hague, the Netherlands
T +31 70 41 624 00

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