Verrière: 2018 sqm
Black box: 555 sqm
Big box: 960 sqm
Raw one: 332 sqm
Blue box: 160 sqm

Digue du Canal, 8, Vaartdijk
B-1070 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0) 2 678 03 91

Event lounge

Lounge Bar Area: 245 m2
Salon: 77 m2
Loung Bar Area + Salon: 322 m2
Convention 1: 400 m2
Cocktail Area: 500 m2
Convention 1 + Cocktail Area: 1000 m2
Event Lounge
Bd. Général Wahislaan 16F,
1030 Brussels.

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Gent ICC - international convention center

The function rooms on Gent ICC's ground floor have a total area of 4,980 m².
The function rooms on the first floor of Gent ICC's building occupy 5,004 m².
The function rooms on the second floor cover 887 m².
The 19 meeting rooms, the 2 exhibition halls, the Banqueting room, the Casino room and the 3-seat concept (Auditorium + Breakout Rooms): in all 12,363 m² of usable floor area.
These rooms can host a wide range of events.
There is an additional 817 m² of pre-function space at the ICC ghent.
Gent ICC - international convention center
Van Rysselberghedreef 2 bus 1 - Citadelpark
B - 9000 Gent
t. +32 (0)9-242 89 00
GREEN 0800-9 242 9 / uitsluitend vanuit België
f. +32 (0)9-242 89 01

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