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USA - Behind the Scenes

"Behind the Scenes is a charity that provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals when they are ill or injured or to their surviving family members. Grants are tailored to each individual but uses can include basic living costs, medical related expenses, transportation, retraining, and funeral expenses. Behind the Scenes brings help and hope in times of great need."

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Operalia - The winners

"Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; July 24th, 2016.- Tenor Keon-Woo Kim from South Korea and soprano Elsa Dreisig from France have just been announced as First Prize winners of the 2016 edition of Operalia, the international Opera competition founded by Plácido Domingo."

A new world record for the fastest balloon trip around the globe.

"Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, 64, reached the Australian town of Northam on Saturday, passing over the same airfield he set out from on July 12, according to ABC, a local broadcaster."

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